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Evolution One offers high value-add consulting services with a focus on Data Management, Data Science and Machine Learning disciplines. We develop AI strategies to re-invent the way companies operate, and then build predictive systems of any complexity, to provide our clients with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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We build our partnerships around the belief that AI can bring tremendous value to businesses in a wide variety of industries, and we have the expertise and top talent to help businesses unlock this value.


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The Challenge

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Evolution One is a partner that will help you navigate the complex world of AI.

Our Approach

Every one of our engagements consists of multiple steps, starting with the data audit and then proceeding to solution development and integration, and at every step, the data remains a focal point for us, to ensure that we deliver the best results for the customer.

  1. Enhancing data collection processes and implementing pipelines to enable in-depth data mining and analysis

  2. Data processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data using state-of-the-art methods

  3. Building & optimizing large-scale machine learning models, incl. supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning

  4. Leveraging various ML and data science tools to produce reporting and recommendation systems of any complexity


See how our team worked with one of the clients to build a comprehensive ML-driven system to optimize operations and improve margins. To achieve that, we defined the client’s business needs, designed an end-to-end data flow, and then developed AI-infused applications and integrated those into the existing processes.

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Implementing ML-driven predictive maintenance for one of the largest European airlines

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airplanes in the fleet

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of the dollars spent on repairs saved

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in fuel costs saved

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in overall yearly savings achieved as a result

Evolution One serves customers across a wide range of industries and functions, delivering on the promise to empower businesses to achieve more by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

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Logistics & Transportation


Financial Services



Information Technology





Predictive Maintenance

Fraud & Risk Analytics

Processes Optimization

Threat Detection

Information Retrieval

Pricing Optimization

Systems Monitoring

Virtual Assistants



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